Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Store is Open!

Just took the website live Monday evening, and have already had a couple dozen visitors to the site. Although I've worked for the past six weeks (!) on building the site, it only has a minimal number of products. In addition to the fact that I'm still lining up suppliers for the vast array of types of products I want to feature, it turns out that establishing all the site elements and then adding products with all their individual elements takes quite a lot of tedious, time-consuming work.

But it's finally LIVE! Stop by for a visit and let me know how you like the overall feel of it. Does it make you smile? Can you find your way around it okay? There are also mini-surveys sprinkled throughout the site, so take a moment and let me know your thoughts. I want it to be everything you'd like, featuring all the cat products you already know about, plus a few that will surprise you. How am I doing so far? Are there things you'd like to see that aren't there yet? Do you know of any suppliers for cat-related products who can drop-ship them to customers for me? Are you a supplier of cat products who can do that? If so, get in touch with me!

The past year has been a tough one, and this new store represents my first steps in the new direction my life is about to take. So it's important to me. If Old Maid Cat Lady could become an important part of your life, that would be just the best thing ever!

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