Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Less Than a Week!

It's an exciting time here at OldMaidCatLady.com! We'll be rolling out our "Charity of the Week" program next Monday, May 31.

Here's how it'll work. Each week, we'll feature a non-profit group that's helping cats on a local, grassroots level as our Charity of the Week. We'll have a profile on the website that tells about the charity and what they're doing for cats. These charities are located all over the United States. The selected charity will also receive 10% of our proceeds on items sold through OldMaidCatLady.com's shopping cart during their featured week. People who are already buying cat supplies can actually help cats by buying them from OldMaidCatLady.com. Exciting, right?

How'd we find the charities? Through Charity Navigator. They assess how well non-profit groups do with the donations they receive and give them a point value that earns them 1 to 4 stars. Only 4-star groups on Charity Navigator have been chosen as OldMaidCatLady.com's Charities of the Week. They've been scheduled for the next 12 months.

A press release about the program has been posted on our website. So remember OldMaidCatLady.com when you're buying your:
Didn't know we had all that? You need to visit OldMaidCatLady.com again!

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