Monday, June 14, 2010

This Week's Cat Champions: HSNY

Since its founding in 1904, the Humane Society of New York (HSNY) has been a presence in New York City, caring for animals in need when illness, injury or homelessness strikes. HSNY has so many wonderful programs for various animals, including its original founding mission of helping the city’s carriage horses, that it’s impossible to go into them all here. But we’ll try!

Their hospital and their Vladimir Horowitz and Wanda Toscanini Horowitz Adoption Center help more than 30,000 dogs and cats annually, whose numbers continue to grow. Upon arrival at HSNY’s facility, animals receive a veterinary examination, spaying/neutering, inoculations, a microchip, and the testing needed to prepare them for adoption. You may have heard about HSNY’s helping rescue animals impacted by the World Trade Center attack. This is typical of their involvement in the community. They are an integral part of New York City life.

The Society has long been noted for its innovative, highly individualized approach to animal care. They have long considered the animals’ physical and emotional needs while caring for them. Cats there have daily play sessions outside their kennels. Many visitors remark that their facility feels more like a home than a shelter. In addition to photos and profiles of the pets available for adoption, their website even features video of successful adoptions and of some of the cats up for adoption.

HSNY offer seven-day-a-week veterinary care at affordable rates for those of limited means, including dentistry, advanced care and surgery. They have a a no-cost spay/neuter program for those in need. Their Outdoor Cat Spay/Neuter Program extends this service to feral cats.
But they help animals outside of Manhattan, as well. For example, their Hurricane Katrina rescue team worked in the New Orleans area and brought back animals to receive veterinary care in their hospital before being placed in permanent homes.

Funding such an organization is no small undertaking. HSNY holds events such as their annual photography auction, offers sponsorships of animals, and partners with authors and artists who donate a portion of their proceeds to them. They sell gift items for people and pets in their own HSNY Shop.

HSNY’s volunteers are an essential part of its success, as well. They interact with the animals and make outreach visits to schools. They take animals to visit patients in homes for the aged. They welcome children to visit the animals at the shelter. One of their volunteers even makes handmade beds for the cats there. You can call HSNY at (212) 752-4842 to inquire about helping.

HSNY was recognized with the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence for meeting the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness. Fewer than 5% of charities operating in the United States today meet or exceed these standards. An impressive 96% of donations to HSNY are used to fund their programs. We also recognize them this week for their efforts! Won’t you shop a little this week on and join us?

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