Monday, June 28, 2010

This Week's Cat Champions: TARAA!

When you buy your cat supplies and accessories at from June 28-July 4, 2010, 10% of the proceeds go to The Animal Rescue & Adoption Agency (TARAA)! TARAA was founded in 2005 for the welfare and protection of animals. It has rescued and placed over 1,000 animals, mostly dogs and cats, into loving homes.

What differentiates TARAA from the mainstream shelters is that they rescue the animals overlooked by many other rescue groups, on what’s commonly referred to as the “kill list”. Those with skin conditions or health issues such as heartworms, those who aren’t necessarily cute and healthy, or those with minor ailments like ringworm are typical cases. Many shelters automatically euthanize these animals as unadoptable because they just don’t have the resources to save them.

TARAA is the only group in the Jacksonville area currently willing to help these animals. They take these debilitated or sick animals, have them treated by a veterinarian, and then make them available for adoption. Treatments for skin conditions tend to cost $5-$6 per dose, with cats sometimes requiring two treatments of Promeris or Program, and sometimes an antibiotic, to heal.

They also work with several foster care families who volunteer their services and open their homes to these special animals. Once rehabilitated and ready for adoption, TARAA holds adoption days at area pet supply stores. Their website shows some of the animals, features stories about animals available for adoption, and seeks to educate people on issues like introducing cats to new babies in the household and the treatability of skin issues in companion animals.

TARAA’s founder and her husband live on four acres of land referred to as “TARAA’s Acres. On this property, they have a 500 square-foot “Cat House” that houses up to 30 cats and kittens. You can help these and the fostered animals of TARAA this week, simply by buying your cat supplies & cat accessories at!

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