Sunday, August 8, 2010

This Week's Cat Champions: St Francis Animal Rescue Center!

Our Cat Champions of the Week for August 9-15 are the folks at St. Francis Animal Rescue Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Chrissie, pictured here, is one of the almost 150 cats housed there.

St. Francis is a no-kill, cage-free shelter that rescues unwanted, abandoned and homeless cats in the York County and South Mecklenburg County areas, caring for the cats until they can find loving homes. Their innovative cage-free approach results in happy, well-adjusted cats who do not suffer like those confined to small cages for extended periods of time. Cats are social, sensitive creatures who like to explore, interact and bond with other cats. Visitors to St. Francis Animal Rescue Center always comment on how well their cats get along. Chrissie is one of their more shy residents, but most are very friendly.

This weekend, July 13-15, St. Francis will be holding their big Adoptapalooza event, where they'll be trying to find homes for at least 50 of their cats! The event will feature door prizes, entertainment and refreshment as visitors get to know the beautiful cats and kittens they have available for adoption. The center also holds an annual Blessing of the Animals to honor the feast day for St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

As do most shelters, St. Francis has the constant challenge of funding. They suffered an act of vandalism in July in which their front plate-glass window was broken in the night and a number of their cats escaped. Most were recovered safely, but are still frightened from the experience. And the window replacement bill was a whopping $700! They also struggle to pay their rent each month or face eviction. They accept donations through PayPal, and have sponsorships available for cats in their care. You can also help them by buying your cat supplies and accessories this week at, so they'll receive 10% of the proceeds! C' it for little Chrissie and her friends!

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