Saturday, December 24, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 12

For Cats: A Gift Certificate!

Yes, we know that cats can't actually shop. But it's Christmas Eve. If you and a fellow cat-loving friend exchange gifts for your cats, there's not really time to get much at this point. A nice gift certificate for will allow your cat-loving friends to shop at their leisure at any time, 24/7. And with denominations available ranging from $20 to $200, there's one right for every level of friendship. Just print it out and put it inside a do have some Christmas cards, don't you?

Friday, December 23, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 11

For People: A Gift Certificate!

Okay, we know that the holidays are a busy time. Perhaps you just haven't had time to buy gifts for all your old maid cat lady friends. Or maybe one of them surprised you with a gift you weren't expecting. Whatever the case, you're stuck two days before Christmas without a gift for them. There's no time to order anything and have it here in time!

Fortunately, Old Maid Cat Lady offers gift certificates in several denominations to meet your needs. Just print one and put it inside a nice card. And because we also carry products for cat lovers as well as for cats, your gift won't seem like you're buying the recipient something only for their cat.

Got a co-worker you barely know, other than the multitude of photos of her cat she has on her cubicle walls? Of course, her name is the one you've drawn for the office's Secret Santa gift exchange. Get her a $20 gift certificate. She'll always have a special fondness for you.

Maybe you've just started dating a girl who seems to have a particular attachment to her cat. You don't want to give her the idea that you're too serious, but you need to get her something as a token of your affection. The $30 gift certificate may be just the right size for her.

Your secretary has done a great job for you all year. Her desk has a frame with a photo of her hugging a cat. Since you don't really discuss those types of things with her, you're not sure if the cat's one she still has or if she's recently lost him. Not wanting to create an emotional outburst, you don't want to specifically get her something for the cat. Try the $40 gift certificate. If she still has the cat, she can buy something for it, or a cat-themed product for herself. And if the cat's no longer around, there's an entire section of bereavement products like urns for his ashes that she can buy with it. Problem solved.

Your golfing buddy has just adopted a new cat and can't stop talking about it. He even carries a photo of the cat in his wallet! Save him the greens fees for your next golf outing by letting him spend some money on his new little darling with a $50 gift certificate.

You need a little something for your Aunt Ruth, who adores her cat. She's been pretty good to you through the years, as well.  For her, a $75 gift certificate will show your appreciation.

Maybe you're really up the creek: you've been so busy with work, it's almost Christmas, and you haven't yet bought anything for your mother. She's always talking about the cat she's adopted since you moved out. Indulge her with a $100 gift certificate.

If you're serious about that girlfriend who loves her cat, but you're not quite ready to buy her a ring, impress her with a $200 gift certificate. That'll give her plenty of room to buy something she really wants for herself, and maybe even have enough left over to buy her cat something.

So for all your giftgiving needs, Old Maid Cat Lady has you covered! Now, if you can just find something for that annoying neighbor with the barking dogs...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 10

For Cats: A New "Outfit"!

Kids may gripe about getting clothing for Christmas, but if it's the right kind of clothing, a cat would be happy about it! As long as there's something in it for the cat's enjoyment, he'll be all in.

Cats who stay indoors all the time may welcome the opportunity to walk with you on a harness and leash. The Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee, shown above, comes with the lead attached so you're ready to train your cat to walk on it. Yes, cats will walk on a leash and harness! It's only because people don't think they can and never even try that more of them don't. Once kitty gets used to wearing the harness and realizes it's a ticket to the outdoors, you'll be amazed how much he likes it. Pick one up for $10.95 in lilac (shown), red, black, or royal blue.

Because a cat's collar has to have a safety release to prevent choking in case it becomes caught on anything, you don't find a lot of them in leather. But OmniPet's Signature Leather Collars do come in safety versions for cats! These actually have an elastic insert that allows them to expand and release the cat if it gets caught. Each comes with a gold-plated buckle and a little golden bell, so the little birdies get a warning kitty's coming. You can get one in any of three sizes, eight regular and eight metallic colors, so one is sure to match your kitty's finicky fashion sense. And at only $14.95 (remember, it's leather!), you'll want to get several for different occasions.

A lot of folks are putting the wider harnesses on their cats these days. They're more comfortable than the strap-like varieties, and there's more of them to show, so they're like little pieces of clothing for your cats. Puppia makes them in several great prints, too, like this classic plaid harness. At only $19.95, it's both functional and stylish! Several other patterns in this style harness are also available.

Got a really tough kitty? This black biker harness may be just the outfit for him! It also comes in a dress version for tough girl kitties. Its embroidered barbed wire and skull-and-crossbones charm will make your cat look like the baddest in the 'hood. Velcro® closure underneath makes it adjustable, and it comes in two sizes to fit cats 5-10 pounds or 10-25 pounds. With a ring on the back so you can attach a leash for walks, it's also functional, and is only $12.95!

If your cat will tolerate even more clothing, and you're a big Anglophile, you may like this Avant Garde harness emblazoned with the Union Jack! It's actually less restrictive than it looks because it's made from a soft, lightweight polyester fabric that's also slightly rain-resistant. Available in two sizes: for this harness, you take measurements of your cat's neck and girth to see which size is appropriate. Adjusts with Velcro® on the sides and bottom, so it will fit your cat snugly. And you'll note there's also a D-ring on the back for you to attach a leash, so kitty can proudly wear it when you take him for a walk. The Avant Garde harness is available for $21.95 in "London Calling" and several other designs.

Every cat needs a party collar, or several! And we have them in all types of colors and selections for every special occasion. From your team's colors to five Christmas designs, various other holidays, or wildlife designs, if your cat needs to look festive, only $5.95 will get you one...and that saves you plenty for the emergency room fees you'll need for those scratches all over your arms if your cat doesn't like wearing it!

Ladies love to get sparkly things during the holidays. If you have a lady cat, she'd probably love one of these metallic Kitty Bling collars! They come with a breakaway feature for safety, in pink or blue, with the fish-shaped blingy charm. And since they sell for only $13.95 each, you can also afford several of the $1.95 slide-on rhinestone letter charms to add her initials!

These are just a few suggestions, so visit the site to see all of our fine Catwear!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 9

For People: Kitchen and Table Ware!

With all the holiday parties, it always seems that somebody has that extra-special serving bowl or platter that just makes you envious...and if it's one with a cat on it, you know you want it! Other cat ladies on your gift list will be happy to get feline-themed kitchen accessories or tableware like this. Pictured above is a set of two Henry Cats porcelain plates that look great sitting on a table, or hanging on a wall. They come in a gift box and sell for only $10.95!

Avid cooks and cat lovers will love these holiday-themed aprons with designs by artist Candace Reiter. Pick up several for hostess gifts at just $16.95! 65% polyester and 35% cotton twill aprons are easy to launder and have handy front pockets. Also available for lovers of purebred cats: An entire collection of breed-specific aprons with a design by artist Michelle Crowley saying "I love spending the holidays with my..." 41 different breed names and coat patterns are available to complete the phrase, or just the generic "Cat".

What cat lover doesn't love cat-themed salt & pepper shakers? Sal & Pippa are part of artist Amy Lacombe's collectible WhimsiClay line of feline-themed fun ceramics. Sal stands about 3-1/2" tall to make your table just a little more festive. Other WhimsiClay shakers include Abundance and Lovey & Dovey. Each set sells for $18.95.

There's a kitchenful of kitties on this First Cooking Lesson Ceramic Mug ($7.95) featuring artwork by artist Henry Lee! With the design on both inside and out, every sip will provide a glimpse of feline cuteness.  Go all out and get the matching apron for only $9.95 more.

Here's a gift your cats will approve. Every well-appointed kitchen needs a treat jar like this one! The glass canister with stainless steel lid had "Good Kitty" with little heart-shaped O's, and a school of fish surrounding it. It's also good for storing kitty kibble. Pick it up for $17.95.

To complete the stainless steel look, you need this set of stainless canisters! The set of 4 canisters has a small size embossed with fish, and three larger sizes with paw prints. Great for multi-pet households with a variety of treats, or just for storing your kitchen necessities in a paw-centric theme! $44.95 for the set.

If you've got red-hat ladies on your list, you know they'll love this "Virginia" magnet from artist Amy Lacombe's collectible WhimsiClay line for their refrigerators! It or any of the other WhimsiClay magnets makes a great stocking stuffer at only $8.95.

They're watching you all the time in the kitchen anyway, so why not have cats watching you from your dish towels, as well? These Peeping Toms kitchen towels have a trio of curious felines on each end. Also available in a "Kittens" design with light blue background. $10.95. Drying dishes has never been so much fun!

All prices shown are current as of December, 2011 and are subject to change at any time. None include shipping, which is calculated at time of checkout.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 8

For Cats: Health!

What better gift to give your cat than that of good health? Obviously, you can't give such a thing, per se, but you can give kitty supplements and products to keep her healthy and happy! Let's take a look at a few:

A lot of cats get stressed out during the holidays, and a number of companies make products to calm and soothe them. One of the best known of these is the Comfort Zone with Feliway diffuser. Just plug it in, and it diffuses feline pheromones that calm your frazzled feline. If you're on the go, it's also available in a spray form and wipes. Other kitty calmatives come in granules or drops to add to your cat's food. There's even music designed just for your cats, and a speaker that will filter out any stressful frequencies to play only those parts of any CD that are pleasant for your cat to hear. Click here to shop all of our cat calming and soothing products.

Digestive upsets are a fact of life if you have cats, but there are ways to help cats vomit less frequently. From hairball remedies and wormers to elevated feeding dishes and probiotics, if something upsets a cat's digestive tract, there's probably a remedy for it. We even carry books on what to feed your cat to keep him healthy. The solution may be as easy as providing some fresh grass for kitty to snack on, or it may require a supplement or dietary aid. Click here to shop all our feline digestive support and hairball remedy products.

Diabetes is a disease growing in leaps and bounds in cats, as more of them become overweight from following out example of eating lots of treats and not getting enough exercise. In addition to helping your cat lose weight, you can control diabetes and other glandular disorders with natural supplements that use botanical extracts to help the body heal itself. Click here to shop all our endocrine system and diabetes support products for cats.

Although fleas are less of a problem when the weather's cold, they never entirely go away. Keep your cat flea- and tick-free all year 'round so the little bloodsuckers never gain a foothold in your home! Some products are applied to the back of the neck, while others can be given internally. And there's always the good old-fashioned flea combs that can be used to rid your kitty's coat of fleas without any chemicals or even botanical ingredients. All it takes is a little time and effort, for which your cat will be eternally grateful. Well, maybe not eternally, but at least for a little while! Click here to shop all our cat flea and tick control products.

A good reference book on your cat's health is not only handy to have, it can be a lifesaver! Such references will tell you everything about food, grooming, and litter box maintenance to behavioral issues and how to keep your cat happy and healthy. You'll even find tips on training your cat -- yes, cats can be trained! Most are written by, or in conjunction with, veterinarians. Click here to shop all our cat health reference books.

With a body temperature slightly higher than ours, cats easily get chilled. That's why they seek out warm, sunny places to nap. So it only makes sense that part of keeping a cat healthy is keeping their environment at a comfortable temperature. We carry many products for warming or cooling cats, from heated beds to air conditioning/heating units for cat houses and catteries. You'll be able to hear the purring all over the house when your cat gets her new heated bed! Click here to shop all our cat warming and cooling products.

Just as with people, proper hydration is important to a cat's health. Cats know this and seek out fresh, clean water throughout the day. But if their water bowl is dirty and half-empty, they'll often forgo taking a drink when they need one. Encourage them to drink plenty with a clean, filled water station! We have everything from simple gravity systems selling for under $10 to automated systems in reputable brands like Petmate, Drinkwell, and Healthy Pet. Many cats like to drink water from a flowing stream (such as your faucet...does yours do this?), and several of these products have features to give them that. Filters also available. Click here to shop all our cat hydration supplies.

If your cat's getting on in age, you may find that she doesn't jump up onto things like she used to, or is perhaps walking with a bit of a limp. Just like us, older cats get a bit arthritic and need extra help to soothe their aching joints! From supplements flavored so kitty will like them, to heated orthopedic mattresses, stairs, and raised bowls, we have all the products you need to help your cat adapt. Prices range from $2.95 to $64.95. Click here to shop all our feline joint health care products.

Good dental health is not only important for your cat's breath, but can help avert more serious health issues like kidney disease and major organ failure. If you start early, you can teach your cat to accept having his teeth brushed daily...some even like it, especially with the toothpastes flavored just for cats! But if you've waited too late and don't want to risk bodily harm, there are oral care products that can be given as treats or added to your cat's water, sprayed onto the teeth, or even given in toys that cats naturally enjoy chewing on. Whichever method of cleaning your cat's teeth you choose, it's better than doing nothing at all. Click here to shop all our feline oral care products.

Some cats are prone to upper respiratory infections (URIs) that become chronic and just keep coming back. But symptoms of a cold can also indicate the first stage of the wet form of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), an always-fatal, three-stage disease caused by a normally mild virus that mutates in certain cats. Until a cause and a cure are found, it's better to make sure your cat's respiratory system stays healthy and nip any breathing problems in the bud! Whether in the lungs, sinuses, or nasal passages, there are supplements to help your cat overcome breathing ailments. Click here to shop all our cat respiratory care products.

Cats can be like toddlers at times, and it's tough to always keep an eye on them. But keeping them safe is part of being a responsible cat parent. From water safety to outdoor enclosures to protect against predators, wildlife, and environmental toxins, we carry an array of safety devices for your cat. Click here to shop all our cat safety products.

Your cat's skin can be sensitive, and many other health problems become apparent in the cat's coat. And sometimes your cat just needs a little help to stay looking and smelling his best. To help you keep skin and coat healthy, we have an array of supplements, cleansers, conditioners, and topical treatments that supply essential nutrients to the skin and coat, helping it heal from injuries and stay supple and shiny. Click here to shop all our cat skin, coat and paw care products.

Male cats are particularly prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs). But any cat can suffer from them, including elderly cats or those who haven't had access to a clean litter box and have held it in too long. Fortunately, in addition to encouraging water drinking, a variety of supplements on the market can help keep your cat's urinary tract healthy. Some even come in the form of treats! Click here to shop all our cat urinary tract health products.

If your cat's recuperating from illness or surgery, sometimes a little extra nutrition can be helpful. Our Vitamins & Supplements section has all types of nutritional add-ons to give your cat a little extra when it's needed. From pastes and gels to tablets, drinks like CatSure, and powders to sprinkle on their food, you're sure to find something your kitty will lap up to get those extra calories, vitamins and minerals needed to get back in the pink!

Sometimes cats have the opposite problem of needing more nutrition, and need to drop a little excess weight. If yours has been packing on the pounds, our Weight Control section has all the tools you need to get kitty slimmed down, including exercise products, weight control supplements and treat-dispensing toys like this Funkitty Egg-Cersizer that will help kitties satisfy their hunting instinct to get their food. Nothing like working for it a little to make a meal more satisfying!

Now, in all of that, surely you've found something that would please your cat this holiday season! At least kitty will feel healthier, and isn't that a great gift?

Monday, December 19, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 7

For People: Shirts!

Everybody needs more T-shirts; we wear them for everything these days. Whether for shopping, gardening, household chores, or ferrying the kids around, help your cat-loving friends show their pride with a new T-shirt. You'll find most of these designs in both long- and short-sleeved styles, and many are also available on sweatshirts or other apparel items, as noted.

Get in the holiday spirit with these two fine Christmas designs! Either are available on white or natural-colored short- ($13.95) or long-sleeved ($14.95) T-shirts, sweatshirts ($19.95), tank tops ($13.95), or women's "fashion" T's ($13.95), which are more tapered through the waist and with shorter sleeves. Adult sizes S-XXL.
Let Kitty Klaus from the Happy Holidays collection bring a touch of class to your holidays! You can get him on a short-sleeved T ($13.95), long-sleeved T ($14.95), or sweatshirt ($19.95) in White, Natural, or Ash in Adult sizes S-XXL.

Several artists have oodles of holiday designs, including Candace Reiter, whose "Snocats" design is shown here. There are 10 Candace Reiter designs available on regular T's ($17.95), long-sleeved T's ($19.95), or sweatshirts ($25.95) in white or natural color. Adult sizes S-XXL.

Enjoy Karen Olsen's whimsical Holiday Kritters designs on short- ($17.95) or long-sleeved ($19.95) T's, sweatshirts ($25.95), or tank tops ($17.95) in white or natural colors. Adult sizes S-XXL.

Love your purebred cat? Artist Michelle Crowley has designed just the shirt for you! The sentiment is available for 41 options, including every cat breed and coat pattern from Abyssinian to White Cat, or just the all-inclusive "cat". Shirt colors are white, natural or ash. Styles are short- ($17.95) or long-sleeved ($16.95) T, sweatshirt ($25.95), tank top ($17.95), or ladies' fashion T ($17.95), in adult sizes S-XXL.

Another design sure to be appreciated year-round by purebred cat aficionados is this one that provides little tidbits of information about the selected breed in addition to gorgeous closeup and profile pictures to show its features. Available for Abyssinian, Brown Tabby, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Persian, or Siamese on T-shirt ($12.95) or sweatshirt ($19.95) in ash gray, white, light blue, black or red. These come in children's sizes S-L or adult S-XL. (And it can be worn year-round instead of just through the holidays!)
Sometimes, you just have those kinds of tell the world about it, try this "Bug Me At Your Own Risk" design on a T-shirt ($12.95) or sweatshirt ($19.95) in ash gray, white, or light blue. Available in children's sizes S-L and adult sizes S-XL. Also available: "Stressed Out", "I Don't Do Mousework", and for the friend who needs a little encouragement, "Hang In There, Baby".

What little ballerina wouldn't love this little white kitten who's found a new toy in her pointe shoe? It comes in both children's S-L and adults' S-XL sizes, on white or ash gray T-shirts ($12.95) and sweatshirts ($19.95).

Another very popular theme for shirts is cat faces. Lots of folks are ordering these, whether the Yellow Cat Eyes or the White Cat Face design. White cat face comes in children's S-L or adults' S-XL sizes on T-shirts ($12.95) or sweatshirts ($19.95) in white, ash gray, or light blue. Yellow cat eyes design comes in the same sizes & shirt options, but on colors of ash gray, light blue, black, or red.

And not to toot our own horn, or anything, but if you'd like to sport the Old Maid Cat Lady logo, you can get black T's in adult sizes S-XXL in 100% preshrunk cotton short-sleeved ($21.95) or long-sleeved ($28.95) styles.

If none of these designs is as beautiful as your own cat, we even have an option to get your own cat's photo on a T-shirt or sweatshirt! Just upload your cat's photo, and we'll take it from there. Available in children's S-L and adults' S-XXL sizes, on T's ($12.95) or sweatshirts($19.95), in ash gray, white, or light blue.

So...there you have it! All the ways to get dressed in style for the holidays, or any time of the year. Shop our complete selection of cat shirts to see all the options available.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 6

For Cats: A New Scratching Post!

Cats have a basic need to scratch. It's not that they're being bad. Scratching causes their claws to shed old growth so the newer claw can grow in. It exercises the front legs, and allows them to mark their territory with the scent glands in their paws. Expecting a cat not to scratch is to take away one of the basic characteristics that makes him a cat. But you don't want your furniture, carpets, and draperies getting scratched, now, do you? Positioning several scratchers around the house and teaching kitty that they're the appropriate scratching places is the perfect remedy for cats who want to scratch your stuff.

Alas, scratching posts get worn out. When they do, the surface doesn't provide that needed resistance that really satisfies. Make your kitty smile with a new one! Here are just a few of the scratchers we have on

Cosmic catnip is the favorite of many a kitty, and they'll also love this angled Cosmic Alpine scratcher! Not only does it have a corrugated surface and lots of Cosmic catnip for it, but there's a little hidey-hole underneath with a toy inside. It'll drive your kitties wild, and it's on sale for only $11.95. Refills also available.

Any cat would love this Super Catnip 20" scratching post; it has both corrugated and rope-wrapped scratching surfaces, a dangly toy, and a corrugated base for horizontal scratching. And you'll love its eco-friendliness and reasonable sale price of just $17.95.

Lots of cats prefer to scratch horizontally rather than vertically, and for them this Cat Love Seat is just the thing! It has a corrugated surface cats love, comes with premium catnip to make it even more irresistible, is made from 30% recycled materials, is 100% recyclable, and is available in 23 patterns. Your own kitty can have one for just $24.95.

The Espejo is a dandy basic scratcher with a sisal-covered post and a carpeted perching platform above. It stands 27 inches tall, and the upper platform measures 14-1/2" on each side, perfect for a kitten or a smaller cat. It's on sale for $33.90.

This Kitty Cactus carpet-covered scratcher comes with an upper tray for kitty to curl up in, as well as a tempting, dangly toy he can bat around! Sale priced at $59.95, it stands 28 inches tall, and the carpet colors will vary between neutrals.

Doesn't look like a scratcher, does it? But this little Rattle & Roll mouse has a sisal scratching surface on its back and a rattle in its tail. Just attach it to a doorknob or put it on the floor, and your cats will go crazy for it! On sale for just $18.95.

And speaking of mice, here are some that will give your smaller cats and kittens hours of fun! The 16-1/2" tall Mouse-Go-Round has dangling mousies on a vertical scratching post with a platform above for air attacks. Don't let the color in the photo fool you...most come in a tan carpet color, and since they're made to order, you can specify another color if you'd prefer it. Even better...the $45.95 price includes shipping! You can also get it with a condo underneath and additional toys for $65.95. Too small for your cats? The next one's a bit taller...
At 24" tall, this carpeted scratching post with platform and hanging toy will let kittens stand all the way up, and even grown cats can get a nice stretch with it. The $39.95 price also includes shipping. Prefer natural materials to carpet, you say? Okay...
There's just something about seagrass that has a natural, aromatic appeal for cats. Let it attract yours with this 18" seagrass scratching post with feather toy. On sale for $26.95! Got a bigger cat?

This is about as basic as a scratching post gets! It's covered in natural sisal and stands 26" tall. Sale priced at $32.95. No room for a scratching post, you say? Not to worry...
Hanging 15-inch corrugated scratchers come in 11 basic fun designs, plus several holiday themes. Made in the USA from recycled material, and is 100% recyclable. Comes with a bag of certified organic catnip. Spread on a little of that, hang it on a doorknob, and watch kitty go to town.
Now, here's the grandaddy of them all...a Christmas tree you won't mind if your cat climbs! It's available in two heights, 13-3/4" (priced at $35.95) or 20-1/4" (priced at $59.95). Made in the USA from 100% recyclable corrugated, it also comes with organic catnip. With both horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces, it's sure to please any kitty who's been nice all year...or even some of the naughty ones!

Click here to see our entire selection of cat scratching posts. All prices shown are as of December, 2011, and likely to change in the future.