Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 10

For Cats: A New "Outfit"!

Kids may gripe about getting clothing for Christmas, but if it's the right kind of clothing, a cat would be happy about it! As long as there's something in it for the cat's enjoyment, he'll be all in.

Cats who stay indoors all the time may welcome the opportunity to walk with you on a harness and leash. The Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee, shown above, comes with the lead attached so you're ready to train your cat to walk on it. Yes, cats will walk on a leash and harness! It's only because people don't think they can and never even try that more of them don't. Once kitty gets used to wearing the harness and realizes it's a ticket to the outdoors, you'll be amazed how much he likes it. Pick one up for $10.95 in lilac (shown), red, black, or royal blue.

Because a cat's collar has to have a safety release to prevent choking in case it becomes caught on anything, you don't find a lot of them in leather. But OmniPet's Signature Leather Collars do come in safety versions for cats! These actually have an elastic insert that allows them to expand and release the cat if it gets caught. Each comes with a gold-plated buckle and a little golden bell, so the little birdies get a warning kitty's coming. You can get one in any of three sizes, eight regular and eight metallic colors, so one is sure to match your kitty's finicky fashion sense. And at only $14.95 (remember, it's leather!), you'll want to get several for different occasions.

A lot of folks are putting the wider harnesses on their cats these days. They're more comfortable than the strap-like varieties, and there's more of them to show, so they're like little pieces of clothing for your cats. Puppia makes them in several great prints, too, like this classic plaid harness. At only $19.95, it's both functional and stylish! Several other patterns in this style harness are also available.

Got a really tough kitty? This black biker harness may be just the outfit for him! It also comes in a dress version for tough girl kitties. Its embroidered barbed wire and skull-and-crossbones charm will make your cat look like the baddest in the 'hood. Velcro® closure underneath makes it adjustable, and it comes in two sizes to fit cats 5-10 pounds or 10-25 pounds. With a ring on the back so you can attach a leash for walks, it's also functional, and is only $12.95!

If your cat will tolerate even more clothing, and you're a big Anglophile, you may like this Avant Garde harness emblazoned with the Union Jack! It's actually less restrictive than it looks because it's made from a soft, lightweight polyester fabric that's also slightly rain-resistant. Available in two sizes: for this harness, you take measurements of your cat's neck and girth to see which size is appropriate. Adjusts with Velcro® on the sides and bottom, so it will fit your cat snugly. And you'll note there's also a D-ring on the back for you to attach a leash, so kitty can proudly wear it when you take him for a walk. The Avant Garde harness is available for $21.95 in "London Calling" and several other designs.

Every cat needs a party collar, or several! And we have them in all types of colors and selections for every special occasion. From your team's colors to five Christmas designs, various other holidays, or wildlife designs, if your cat needs to look festive, only $5.95 will get you one...and that saves you plenty for the emergency room fees you'll need for those scratches all over your arms if your cat doesn't like wearing it!

Ladies love to get sparkly things during the holidays. If you have a lady cat, she'd probably love one of these metallic Kitty Bling collars! They come with a breakaway feature for safety, in pink or blue, with the fish-shaped blingy charm. And since they sell for only $13.95 each, you can also afford several of the $1.95 slide-on rhinestone letter charms to add her initials!

These are just a few suggestions, so visit the site to see all of our fine Catwear!

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