Friday, December 23, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 11

For People: A Gift Certificate!

Okay, we know that the holidays are a busy time. Perhaps you just haven't had time to buy gifts for all your old maid cat lady friends. Or maybe one of them surprised you with a gift you weren't expecting. Whatever the case, you're stuck two days before Christmas without a gift for them. There's no time to order anything and have it here in time!

Fortunately, Old Maid Cat Lady offers gift certificates in several denominations to meet your needs. Just print one and put it inside a nice card. And because we also carry products for cat lovers as well as for cats, your gift won't seem like you're buying the recipient something only for their cat.

Got a co-worker you barely know, other than the multitude of photos of her cat she has on her cubicle walls? Of course, her name is the one you've drawn for the office's Secret Santa gift exchange. Get her a $20 gift certificate. She'll always have a special fondness for you.

Maybe you've just started dating a girl who seems to have a particular attachment to her cat. You don't want to give her the idea that you're too serious, but you need to get her something as a token of your affection. The $30 gift certificate may be just the right size for her.

Your secretary has done a great job for you all year. Her desk has a frame with a photo of her hugging a cat. Since you don't really discuss those types of things with her, you're not sure if the cat's one she still has or if she's recently lost him. Not wanting to create an emotional outburst, you don't want to specifically get her something for the cat. Try the $40 gift certificate. If she still has the cat, she can buy something for it, or a cat-themed product for herself. And if the cat's no longer around, there's an entire section of bereavement products like urns for his ashes that she can buy with it. Problem solved.

Your golfing buddy has just adopted a new cat and can't stop talking about it. He even carries a photo of the cat in his wallet! Save him the greens fees for your next golf outing by letting him spend some money on his new little darling with a $50 gift certificate.

You need a little something for your Aunt Ruth, who adores her cat. She's been pretty good to you through the years, as well.  For her, a $75 gift certificate will show your appreciation.

Maybe you're really up the creek: you've been so busy with work, it's almost Christmas, and you haven't yet bought anything for your mother. She's always talking about the cat she's adopted since you moved out. Indulge her with a $100 gift certificate.

If you're serious about that girlfriend who loves her cat, but you're not quite ready to buy her a ring, impress her with a $200 gift certificate. That'll give her plenty of room to buy something she really wants for herself, and maybe even have enough left over to buy her cat something.

So for all your giftgiving needs, Old Maid Cat Lady has you covered! Now, if you can just find something for that annoying neighbor with the barking dogs...

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