Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 3

For People: Cat Jewelry

Every gal (and a guy or two) likes a little bling this time of year! Even before I started, I was constantly looking for cat-related jewelry...earrings, rings, pendants, whatever -- it was one of the reasons I always enjoyed going to art shows, just to see what kinds of interesting new cat jewelry I could find!

Now that I'm shopping for all of you as well as myself, the sky's truly the limit. It's still always a thrill to find something cool and new. So in this list of gift ideas, I'll start with the lowest-priced items and work up to the ultimate. Let's just jump right in!

We all have folks who need little remembrances through the holidays, but on whom we don't spend a huge amount. That's where the Whimsiclay pins from artist Amy Lacombe come in handy! These look great on a collar, shoulder or lapel, so you can wear them with anything. They have all sorts of designs to match the personalities of all sorts of people -- there are even pins for Hanukkah gifts, or for your favorite Red Hat lady, as well as a few Christmas designs. Shown here is the Nurse pin. They're priced at $8.95 and $9.95, depending on design, and they make great stocking stuffers, too!

Although she passed away in 2007, Laurel Burch's jewelry is still quite popular. Our supplier has a limited number of her earrings and pins in great cat designs, but order quickly for the best selection, as they're down to just a few of each. They're priced from $26.95 to $38.95.

Who doesn't love a watch for Christmas? We have a couple of "Cat Mom" watches for you to choose from. This one is silver-toned with a metal mesh band; the other is gold-toned with a black leather band. Both are value-priced at $40.95.

A keychain makes a great gift for a man or a woman, and this one's extra-special for cat lovers! Artist Kay Fazio designs these sterling silver cat charms that fit great on the key holder included with each of them. And if your gift recipient is a fan of a specific breed of cat, you'll find them in Bengal, Maine Coon, Oriental Shorthair, Savannah, Serval, Sphynx, or Tonkinese breeds, as well as a Cat Angel charm that can commemorate a departed feline friend. They're priced from $29 - $99.

If your girl loves pearls, here's the perfect pendant for her! This little sterling silver cat named Nabi holds a 9mm cultured Akoya (seawater) pearl in white or black, and has eyes that are available in pink or blue sapphires. Hand made to order, it takes up to 14 days to arrive, so it won't be here for Christmas, but could make a special New Year's gift if you order it today! It's priced at $98. There are also sterling silver Nabi rings that wrap around a finger for the same pearl, but they have those same beautiful sapphire eyes in pink or blue.

Devon Rex fans love the curly coats of this breed, and artist Kay Fazio has captured it perfectly in this sterling silver Devon Rex pendant! He's taking a nice stretch, and is priced at only $99. For an additional $40, you can also get genuine gemstone eyes in golden citrine, light blue topaz, light green peridot, or brown smoky quartz. Kay also makes sterling silver pendants in other styles at this price point: there's a Sphynx kitten, classic-style Siamese cat, British Shorthair, Angel cat with little wings, the plain "Cat" (which some say looks like a Tonkinese), Serval cat, medium-size Savannah cat, and even the engraveable Charity Have a Heart pendant that helps fight feline diseases with a donation to fund research with every purchase! You'll find several pair of earrings and other jewelry at the $99 price, as well, in our Fine Jewelry section.

Just look at all those great gifts of jewelry at under $100! But oh, there's so much more as we go up in price...

This colorful pendant will have a very special place in your recipient's heart. You see that tiny speck of white in the middle? It's actually a piece of bone from the cremains of a departed cat, worn close to the heart to remind them of their special friend. Artist Linda Huffman crafts each Memory Pendant by hand, which takes from 2-4 weeks...what you'll receive when you order it is a kit that can be put under the Christmas tree, and will be used to send in the piece of bone or lock of hair to be placed inside the pendant, as well as choose the colors of glass to include and its shape. The base price of this original style is $108.95, and you can add the cremains of up to 3 cats for a small upcharge. Click on Linda's name in this paragraph to see all the various designs of Memory Pendants she makes, which are priced from $91.95 to $249.95, along with other grief and remembrance items for someone who's lost a cat.

More sterling silver, this time in a ring. This one features a sterling silver mother cat and her kitten, the perfect gift for Mom! The mother cat has pink sapphire eyes, the kitten blue. It's priced at $119, and for $30 more you can add a sterling silver paw print bracelet to wear with it!

What a little beauty this is! Kay Fazio's sterling silver Maine Coon pendant has the lynx-tipped ears, beautiful mane and bushy tail characteristic of this breed. He starts at $129, and for $40 more can have eyes of golden citrine, blue topaz, green peridot, or brown smoky quartz. Other sterling silver Fazio pendants at this price include the medium-size Bengal cat (or Bengal cat hoop earrings), Bobcat, Ragdoll kitten (or Ragdoll kitten earrings), a waving Norwegian Forest Cat, Oriental Shorthair, Persian, Pixie-bob, large Savannah cat (or 3 styles of Savannah cat earrings), Selkirk Rex, Siberian cat, Sphynx, and modern style Siamese. (Want the Maine Coon in 14k gold? That'll run you $1,399.)

And speaking of gold, let's jump up to gold jewelry, shall we? The first selection here is Fazio's Savannah cat charm in 14k gold. He looks great swinging from a bracelet, or even on a necklace as a small pendant. Pick him up for only $199.

The song may sing of five gold rings, but you'll only need one to capture the heart of a cat lover with this mini-pawprints ring! You can even get it engraved on the inside, if you'd like. Priced at $232. Hand made to order, so allow at least 14 days for it to arrive.

Who says gold has to be yellow, and who says cats have to have both eyes the same color? For your loved one who marches to the beat of a different drummer, this white gold odd-eye Nabi cat ring is just the thing! Priced at $289, it has one eye in natural blue sapphire, and the other in natural yellow sapphire. Another made-to-order piece (because of sizing) that you can get engraved on the inside, if you wish, but don't count on its arriving by Christmas.

What lady doesn't love a pair of gold earrings? These Savannah cat hoops are from Kay Fazio -- you recognized the details that make her jewelry so exquisite, didn't you? Take these beauties home for $449. Other 14k gold earrings at this price point: Bengal cat leverbacks, Savannah cat posts, and Bengal cat kitten hoops.


Ah, they're a girl's best friend...both these Savannah cat pendants from Kay Fazio, and the black diamonds embedded in them! They have spots and eyes made of genuine black diamonds. The sterling silver pendant runs $549, and the 14k gold pendant is priced at $1,499. Your pendant will be custom made by Kay when you order it, so allow time for that.

While those pieces shown above aren't all the jewelry we offer on Old Maid Cat Lady, they're certainly a good representation of them! View all our costume jewelry and fine jewelry sections to shop for more. (All prices shown above are as of this posting, and may change in the future due to fluctuations in precious metal and gemstone prices. Actual current prices will be shown with the items on the site.)

A note about Christmas delivery: since many of these items are custom made, it's not likely that they'll arrive in time for Christmas if you order them today. In fact, today (December 15) is really the last ordering day that most items, even those that aren't custom made, could be sure of arrival by Christmas. The last-date guarantee varies by supplier, we have over 60 of those, and inventory can change hourly at this time of year, so there's no way for us to "guarantee" Christmas delivery of anything at this point. Despite that, we'll do our best to get it there to you on time, and keep you updated on its progress!

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