Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 4

For Cats: A New Bed

Cats have a reputation for sleeping most of the day away. Those of us who live with them know that they don't sleep anywhere near as much as "uncatted" people think they do, but those kitties do love to nap! Give yours sweet dreams this season with a soft and warm new bed. Here are a few for you to consider:

Shown above, the Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash is not only a burst of color for the drabness of winter, but it's heated! On cold days, your cat will leave it only to go to the potty and grab a quick me on this. In addition to the bright red shown, it comes in blue or mocha, and is available for $39.95 + shipping.

A cat condo gives your cats someplace to hide, as well as to sleep...and there are plenty of scratching and play spaces, as well. We have kitty condos covered in carpet or faux fur (shown above), in 1-, 2-, and some in 3-story versions. You'll even find some fancy geometric designs or tropical palm trees on some of them. There's even a "Tubby Tabby" version that's built bigger and more sturdily to hold larger cats! The condos range in price from $37.95 to $117.95. Some prices have shipping charges built into them, while others are + shipping. Check the descriptions with each to be sure.

Now, here's a nifty idea! If your cats are like mine, they love to get in your closet and be surrounded by your scent. With the Closet Sleeper from Kittywalk, you can give them a cozy hideaway that'll help keep the cat hair off your pants legs, skirts and shoes! It comes in a neutral tan color and is on sale for $69.95, or you can get a Royale version of it that's on sale for $79.95. 

Show your college team spirit with a collegiate licensed bed for kitty! Shown here is the pillow bed, and our supplier has them available for Alabama, Appalachian State, Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Auburn, Boise State, Boston College, Berkeley (California), Clemson, Connecticut, Duke, East Carolina, Florida, Florida State, Georgetown, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Maryland, Miami (Florida), Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Northwestern, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Oregon State, Penn State, Pitt, Purdue, Rutgers, South Carolina, Stanford, Syracuse, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Texas, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Each school also has a collegiate licensed roll-up cat bed available that is great for travel. We're still getting all the schools added to their items on our site!

A lot of cats like to sleep on their scratcher, and the corrugated scratchers we have from Imperial Cat are purr-fect for that! They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit every cat's fancy...and every cat parent's interior design scheme! The one shown here is the "Cozy Curl" style, and it comes in 23 different patterns. One's sure to be right for you! And if not, there are bunches of other shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns available. Because they're made from cardboard, they're eco-friendly, too.

It can get downright chilly on the floor in winter, and if you have tile or concrete floors, even a cozy bed isn't enough to stop the cold coming through. But getting elevated off that floor, even by a few inches, can make all the difference. This Flipo fuzzy cat bed comes in four colors, and if you don't like those there's also a nylon version available in four colors. Both versions have a foldable aluminum frame that can be adjusted to different heights. $50.95 - $56.95.
Some cats just aren't happy if they aren't sleeping on your furniture. If you're tired of cleaning cat hair off it, here's your answer! This attractive quilted furniture cover comes in sizes to fit a chair, loveseat, or sofa. The polyester microsuede fabric attracts cat hair like a magnet, keeping your furniture clean...and when it's dirty, you just throw it in the washer! Comes in tan or mocha colors, $43.95 - $88.95.
If you're caring for any outdoor cats, you know they need a refuge from the elements. The DezRez KatKabin outdoor cat house gives them a nice little place of safety. Rear holes provide ventilation, while a door in front keeps out the cold wind. It's elevated off the ground, too. Even the folks at Cat Fancy magazine selected it as one of their 2009 Editors' Choice products! Available in 6 colors, it sells for $117.95.
On those cold winter nights, nothing's better than an electric heated bed! The Kitty Cave, shown here, comes in both heated ($65.95) and unheated ($39.95) versions. And since a lot of cats like to have something protective around their backs, the little half-hood on it gives them a sense of security. The unheated version has a fun fish print that's perfect for summer. The snuggly cushions on both versions can be removed for washing.
If your cat likes to snooze in a sunny windowsill, this will make her experience even better! The deluxe window perch mounts in any window and comes with a fleece cover that's easily removed for laundering. We have a few other window perches, as well, and some are even heated. You can get this one for $37.95.
Cats with arthritis will enjoy this all-season Nature's Foundation bed. The two-chamber construction means it's both supportive and soft. Fragrant cedar is in the lower chamber to repel fleas while providing insulation and support. The upper chamber has soft orthopaedic foam to soothe kitty's aching joints. The cover can be removed for washing, and has a warm fleece top for winter that can be reversed to a cooler nylon top for summer! Available in two colors, it retails for $45.95 and won a 2007 Consumer's Digest Best Buy Award.
Cats with a wild side may enjoy this Safari Print bed that reminds them of their wild cousins. The metal-frame bed will hold cats up to 30 pounds, and requires some assembly. Bolsters on three sides keep drafts off kitty's back and give him a secure feeling while sleeping. It can be yours for $85.95.

Cats who like to sleep up high are in luck with the Salamanca cat tree! They have options from the open upper platform to a cozy little hideaway in the middle. And when they're not sleeping, they can play with the dangling toys or scratch on the sisal-covered posts. The 54-1/4" tall tree is on sale for $147.95, and requires some assembly. But your cat is worth it, right? If you don't like this design, we have numerous other cat trees from which you can choose.
Go all earth-friendly with this seagrass and burlap bed ($55.95) that's perfect for cats who like to curl up when sleeping! Made from renewable natural seagrass and jute burlap, it provides an aroma that is naturally appealing to cats. The pillow is removable for washing, and the neutral color palette blends in anywhere. There's also an oblong version ($53.95) available.

To really spoil those outdoor kitties, try this outdoor kitty house. It has a nylon cover with vinyl backing to make it waterproof. The roof overhang keeps snow and sleet from falling inside, while dual exits keep cats from being trapped inside by predators. Velcro® assembly is quick and easy. Comes in a heated ($97.95) or unheated ($52.95) version, but you know the cats would prefer the heated fact, it's been so popular that it's backordered at our supplier until early January!

With all these and more to choose from, your kitty's sure to have sweet dreams all winter long!

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