Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 6

For Cats: A New Scratching Post!

Cats have a basic need to scratch. It's not that they're being bad. Scratching causes their claws to shed old growth so the newer claw can grow in. It exercises the front legs, and allows them to mark their territory with the scent glands in their paws. Expecting a cat not to scratch is to take away one of the basic characteristics that makes him a cat. But you don't want your furniture, carpets, and draperies getting scratched, now, do you? Positioning several scratchers around the house and teaching kitty that they're the appropriate scratching places is the perfect remedy for cats who want to scratch your stuff.

Alas, scratching posts get worn out. When they do, the surface doesn't provide that needed resistance that really satisfies. Make your kitty smile with a new one! Here are just a few of the scratchers we have on

Cosmic catnip is the favorite of many a kitty, and they'll also love this angled Cosmic Alpine scratcher! Not only does it have a corrugated surface and lots of Cosmic catnip for it, but there's a little hidey-hole underneath with a toy inside. It'll drive your kitties wild, and it's on sale for only $11.95. Refills also available.

Any cat would love this Super Catnip 20" scratching post; it has both corrugated and rope-wrapped scratching surfaces, a dangly toy, and a corrugated base for horizontal scratching. And you'll love its eco-friendliness and reasonable sale price of just $17.95.

Lots of cats prefer to scratch horizontally rather than vertically, and for them this Cat Love Seat is just the thing! It has a corrugated surface cats love, comes with premium catnip to make it even more irresistible, is made from 30% recycled materials, is 100% recyclable, and is available in 23 patterns. Your own kitty can have one for just $24.95.

The Espejo is a dandy basic scratcher with a sisal-covered post and a carpeted perching platform above. It stands 27 inches tall, and the upper platform measures 14-1/2" on each side, perfect for a kitten or a smaller cat. It's on sale for $33.90.

This Kitty Cactus carpet-covered scratcher comes with an upper tray for kitty to curl up in, as well as a tempting, dangly toy he can bat around! Sale priced at $59.95, it stands 28 inches tall, and the carpet colors will vary between neutrals.

Doesn't look like a scratcher, does it? But this little Rattle & Roll mouse has a sisal scratching surface on its back and a rattle in its tail. Just attach it to a doorknob or put it on the floor, and your cats will go crazy for it! On sale for just $18.95.

And speaking of mice, here are some that will give your smaller cats and kittens hours of fun! The 16-1/2" tall Mouse-Go-Round has dangling mousies on a vertical scratching post with a platform above for air attacks. Don't let the color in the photo fool you...most come in a tan carpet color, and since they're made to order, you can specify another color if you'd prefer it. Even better...the $45.95 price includes shipping! You can also get it with a condo underneath and additional toys for $65.95. Too small for your cats? The next one's a bit taller...
At 24" tall, this carpeted scratching post with platform and hanging toy will let kittens stand all the way up, and even grown cats can get a nice stretch with it. The $39.95 price also includes shipping. Prefer natural materials to carpet, you say? Okay...
There's just something about seagrass that has a natural, aromatic appeal for cats. Let it attract yours with this 18" seagrass scratching post with feather toy. On sale for $26.95! Got a bigger cat?

This is about as basic as a scratching post gets! It's covered in natural sisal and stands 26" tall. Sale priced at $32.95. No room for a scratching post, you say? Not to worry...
Hanging 15-inch corrugated scratchers come in 11 basic fun designs, plus several holiday themes. Made in the USA from recycled material, and is 100% recyclable. Comes with a bag of certified organic catnip. Spread on a little of that, hang it on a doorknob, and watch kitty go to town.
Now, here's the grandaddy of them all...a Christmas tree you won't mind if your cat climbs! It's available in two heights, 13-3/4" (priced at $35.95) or 20-1/4" (priced at $59.95). Made in the USA from 100% recyclable corrugated, it also comes with organic catnip. With both horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces, it's sure to please any kitty who's been nice all year...or even some of the naughty ones!

Click here to see our entire selection of cat scratching posts. All prices shown are as of December, 2011, and likely to change in the future.

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