Monday, December 19, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 7

For People: Shirts!

Everybody needs more T-shirts; we wear them for everything these days. Whether for shopping, gardening, household chores, or ferrying the kids around, help your cat-loving friends show their pride with a new T-shirt. You'll find most of these designs in both long- and short-sleeved styles, and many are also available on sweatshirts or other apparel items, as noted.

Get in the holiday spirit with these two fine Christmas designs! Either are available on white or natural-colored short- ($13.95) or long-sleeved ($14.95) T-shirts, sweatshirts ($19.95), tank tops ($13.95), or women's "fashion" T's ($13.95), which are more tapered through the waist and with shorter sleeves. Adult sizes S-XXL.
Let Kitty Klaus from the Happy Holidays collection bring a touch of class to your holidays! You can get him on a short-sleeved T ($13.95), long-sleeved T ($14.95), or sweatshirt ($19.95) in White, Natural, or Ash in Adult sizes S-XXL.

Several artists have oodles of holiday designs, including Candace Reiter, whose "Snocats" design is shown here. There are 10 Candace Reiter designs available on regular T's ($17.95), long-sleeved T's ($19.95), or sweatshirts ($25.95) in white or natural color. Adult sizes S-XXL.

Enjoy Karen Olsen's whimsical Holiday Kritters designs on short- ($17.95) or long-sleeved ($19.95) T's, sweatshirts ($25.95), or tank tops ($17.95) in white or natural colors. Adult sizes S-XXL.

Love your purebred cat? Artist Michelle Crowley has designed just the shirt for you! The sentiment is available for 41 options, including every cat breed and coat pattern from Abyssinian to White Cat, or just the all-inclusive "cat". Shirt colors are white, natural or ash. Styles are short- ($17.95) or long-sleeved ($16.95) T, sweatshirt ($25.95), tank top ($17.95), or ladies' fashion T ($17.95), in adult sizes S-XXL.

Another design sure to be appreciated year-round by purebred cat aficionados is this one that provides little tidbits of information about the selected breed in addition to gorgeous closeup and profile pictures to show its features. Available for Abyssinian, Brown Tabby, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Persian, or Siamese on T-shirt ($12.95) or sweatshirt ($19.95) in ash gray, white, light blue, black or red. These come in children's sizes S-L or adult S-XL. (And it can be worn year-round instead of just through the holidays!)
Sometimes, you just have those kinds of tell the world about it, try this "Bug Me At Your Own Risk" design on a T-shirt ($12.95) or sweatshirt ($19.95) in ash gray, white, or light blue. Available in children's sizes S-L and adult sizes S-XL. Also available: "Stressed Out", "I Don't Do Mousework", and for the friend who needs a little encouragement, "Hang In There, Baby".

What little ballerina wouldn't love this little white kitten who's found a new toy in her pointe shoe? It comes in both children's S-L and adults' S-XL sizes, on white or ash gray T-shirts ($12.95) and sweatshirts ($19.95).

Another very popular theme for shirts is cat faces. Lots of folks are ordering these, whether the Yellow Cat Eyes or the White Cat Face design. White cat face comes in children's S-L or adults' S-XL sizes on T-shirts ($12.95) or sweatshirts ($19.95) in white, ash gray, or light blue. Yellow cat eyes design comes in the same sizes & shirt options, but on colors of ash gray, light blue, black, or red.

And not to toot our own horn, or anything, but if you'd like to sport the Old Maid Cat Lady logo, you can get black T's in adult sizes S-XXL in 100% preshrunk cotton short-sleeved ($21.95) or long-sleeved ($28.95) styles.

If none of these designs is as beautiful as your own cat, we even have an option to get your own cat's photo on a T-shirt or sweatshirt! Just upload your cat's photo, and we'll take it from there. Available in children's S-L and adults' S-XXL sizes, on T's ($12.95) or sweatshirts($19.95), in ash gray, white, or light blue.

So...there you have it! All the ways to get dressed in style for the holidays, or any time of the year. Shop our complete selection of cat shirts to see all the options available.

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