Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 2

Multiple-use cat trees like the Cat Power Tower, pictured here, make a great gift for your cat!

For Cats: Trees and Perches

Cats have a natural need to climb. And think about it: if you were down on the floor all the time, while everybody else in your house was way up above you, wouldn't you want to get up on their level so you could see what was going on around you?

Of course you would! And so does your cat. Our feline companions are intelligent, curious creatures who like to survey their domain from a place of safety. When you provide appropriate climbing and perching furniture for them, everybody's happy. If you don't...guess who's going to be climbing the draperies, scratching the furniture, and jumping up on the kitchen countertops? Your cat's not being "bad" when he does these things, he's just doing what comes naturally.

So it's settled, then; you're going to get your cat a nice cat tree or perch for Christmas. But which kind should you get? Fortunately, the days of a big, carpeted monstrosity in your living room being your only option are no more. Here's a little information about several of items available from's Cat Trees and Cat Perches & Shelves categories:

Pictured above, the Cat Power Tower ($399.95) offers the best of everything for both you and your cat. Available in two beautiful wood finishes and made from renewable rubber wood to be earth-friendly, the 56" tall tower has places for your cat to climb, scratch, perch, and play. Feathery rotating toys at the top of a sisal scratching post give kitty something to bat around, while a "hunting hole" platform near the bottom provides a spot to hide toys or treats to give your cats something to find. It's just a little slice of kitty heaven!

Don't have room for a whole tree? Not to worry. The Thermo-Kitty Sill, shown here, ($31.95 - $50.95) will not only give your cat a comfy, fleece-covered place to look out the window, but can also keep her warm...or not. It comes in both heated and unheated versions and mounts on any window sill, with braces that rest against the wall underneath. The sleeping surface is made with orthopedic foam to relieve kitty's aching joints, has a cover that can be removed for washing, and is roomy enough to hold even larger breeds of cats like Maine Coons. Your cat's already relaxing right now, just knowing that you're reading about it!

With a faux-fur version for indoors and a cedar for outdoors, the Tarzan Cat Tree ($269.95) gives you the best of both worlds. The indoor version has dangling toys, sisal-coated scratching posts, and a rope to climb. Both offer multiple perches, a hammock bed, and a little "tree house" for kitty to hide in, with a tiny circular window for peeking out. Admit it: you're smiling inside, imagining your cats playing on this, aren't you?

Bring a touch of the tropics to your home with a Kitty Palm! The 72" Kitty Palm, shown here (starting at $258), is next-to-largest of the "grove", and is customizable with additional perches, feeding dishes so kitty can eat up out of the dog's reach, and with your choice of light or dark sisal and carpet colors. Other sizes of Kitty Palms range from a scratching post ($118) to the 80" size ($278), with several options in between. They're for indoor use only. Make yourself a tropical cocktail, sprawl on your lounge chair, and watch your cats enjoy one; it'll be like a little vacation for you both!

You say your decor leans more toward the modern than the tropical? Got your cat tree right here! The Altea Cat Tree combines sleek, modern lines with sisal-wrapped scratching posts, neutral platinum-colored carpeted platforms for your cat's comfort, and even a fun, dangly toy! Even better, the 46" tree is sale priced at only $89.95.

I've included one of the trees from Pet Tree Houses here because they're the most beautiful cat trees I've ever seen. Sadly, we'll only have them available for a few more weeks on, as the company is discontinuing their drop-shipping program and will only sell directly online. So if you want one of these, grab it quickly! They come in sizes from the smallest scratcher (41" tall for $99.95) to the 84" Mature size ($999.95). The Medium Tree House size shown here is $799.95. Each is made from actual tree branches with faux ficus leaves and will complement even the finest living room. They're pricey, but aren't they gorgeous?

Maybe you actually like the traditional, carpeted cat trees. If so, we have a nice selection of those in all shapes, colors, and sizes, too. Shown here is the Kitty Park ($169.95), which is 48" of fun posts, perches, and a hidey-hole at the bottom, with a dangling toy above. And the price of it includes shipping!

While it can cost some serious change to ship something as large and heavy as a cat tree, the wide selection available on outshines that in pretty much any local store...and it gets delivered to your house, so you don't even have to worry about how to fit it into your trunk. But time's a wastin', so you'd better get your cat's new tree ordered today if you want it in time for Christmas!

See our full selection at the Cat Trees and Cat Perches & Shelves categories on

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