Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Days of Gift Ideas: Day 9

For People: Kitchen and Table Ware!

With all the holiday parties, it always seems that somebody has that extra-special serving bowl or platter that just makes you envious...and if it's one with a cat on it, you know you want it! Other cat ladies on your gift list will be happy to get feline-themed kitchen accessories or tableware like this. Pictured above is a set of two Henry Cats porcelain plates that look great sitting on a table, or hanging on a wall. They come in a gift box and sell for only $10.95!

Avid cooks and cat lovers will love these holiday-themed aprons with designs by artist Candace Reiter. Pick up several for hostess gifts at just $16.95! 65% polyester and 35% cotton twill aprons are easy to launder and have handy front pockets. Also available for lovers of purebred cats: An entire collection of breed-specific aprons with a design by artist Michelle Crowley saying "I love spending the holidays with my..." 41 different breed names and coat patterns are available to complete the phrase, or just the generic "Cat".

What cat lover doesn't love cat-themed salt & pepper shakers? Sal & Pippa are part of artist Amy Lacombe's collectible WhimsiClay line of feline-themed fun ceramics. Sal stands about 3-1/2" tall to make your table just a little more festive. Other WhimsiClay shakers include Abundance and Lovey & Dovey. Each set sells for $18.95.

There's a kitchenful of kitties on this First Cooking Lesson Ceramic Mug ($7.95) featuring artwork by artist Henry Lee! With the design on both inside and out, every sip will provide a glimpse of feline cuteness.  Go all out and get the matching apron for only $9.95 more.

Here's a gift your cats will approve. Every well-appointed kitchen needs a treat jar like this one! The glass canister with stainless steel lid had "Good Kitty" with little heart-shaped O's, and a school of fish surrounding it. It's also good for storing kitty kibble. Pick it up for $17.95.

To complete the stainless steel look, you need this set of stainless canisters! The set of 4 canisters has a small size embossed with fish, and three larger sizes with paw prints. Great for multi-pet households with a variety of treats, or just for storing your kitchen necessities in a paw-centric theme! $44.95 for the set.

If you've got red-hat ladies on your list, you know they'll love this "Virginia" magnet from artist Amy Lacombe's collectible WhimsiClay line for their refrigerators! It or any of the other WhimsiClay magnets makes a great stocking stuffer at only $8.95.

They're watching you all the time in the kitchen anyway, so why not have cats watching you from your dish towels, as well? These Peeping Toms kitchen towels have a trio of curious felines on each end. Also available in a "Kittens" design with light blue background. $10.95. Drying dishes has never been so much fun!

All prices shown are current as of December, 2011 and are subject to change at any time. None include shipping, which is calculated at time of checkout.

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