Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do You Dress Up Your Cats?

C'mon; you're among friends here and can admit it! Why should dogs get to wear all the cute little outfits, while cats run around buck naked?

When I first lived with cats, over 20 years ago (thanks to better antihistamines that allowed me to finally have cats of my own), I wanted little outfits for them, or at least fancy collars. The local pet stores had nothing of the kind. My frustration at what was available led me to start a company of my own on the side of my "real" job, Haute Cature Designs. I designed fancy cat collars and flea collar covers, made with cats' preferences in mind. 

They were softer than other collars on the market and sold in sizes so they didn't need those heavy buckles on them. Cats found them more comfortable and tolerable than regular collars. Had the e-commerce been around back in those days, I might have made a million. As it was, I shut Haute Cature Designs down after a year or so. There simply wasn't time to call on individual pet stores and convince them to carry my collars on consignment.

Now that I'm running, I'm still always looking for great catwear. That's why I was so pleased to find the Meow Wear line of catwear! It includes not only cute sweaters like you see here, but shirts, jackets & vests, pajamas, a bathrobe, and even formalwear! It's exactly the type of catwear I had in mind all those years ago, had I known more about pet clothing design. Meow Wear is specially designed for cats, which means it's got the leg holes in the right places and is proportioned to fit a cat's body. Some dogwear just doesn't fit cats properly.

And dressing up a cat isn't all about fashion, although that's what makes it fun! Some of the hairless and short-coated breeds like Sphynx and Rex cats actually need to wear clothing in colder months to keep them warm. So there is a purpose for Meow Wear and other cat clothing.

We'll hopefully be bringing you much more catwear in the future, as I find it and get it added to the site. But for now, rejoice that the entire Meow Wear line can be found in our Catwear section. Shop and enjoy!

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