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Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Ideas, Day 4: Kitty Fashions and Note Cards

Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Ideas, Day 4:

Kitty Fashions and Note Cards!

We wouldn't be old maid cat ladies if we didn't like to dress up our kitties! There are always a ton of fashions out there for dogs. Some will work on cats, but cats are really shaped differently. They have longer bodies, thinner legs, and are less barrel-chested than dogs. And most cats will not tolerate the same amount of clothing dogs will. So we're at a bit of a disadvantage.

Some cats actually need to wear clothing when it gets cold. The Sphinx and Peterbald breeds don't have coats to keep them warm, so they need a sweater or some flannel jammies on chilly days and The Cat's Pajamas from Meow Wear ($14.95) that are shown above. Even on sunny days, they can sunburn, so it's a good idea to put either some sunscreen (yes, we sell that for cats, too) or some type of clothing on them to protect their skin from UV rays. Older cats may also benefit from a warm sweater on a chilly day.

It's tough to find companies making garments specifically for cats. Many are cottage industries, and if they have their own Etsy store, they can't handle the additional volume of selling through retailers like Old Maid Cat Lady. But I've been able to find some items that work and look cute, as well. Here, then, are several ideas for those who either want or need to dress up their cats. You may be amazed at some of the options! (Prices shown for all items do not include shipping.)

Day 4 Gifts for Cats: Sweaters and Kitty Fashions

Festive party collars always help set a holiday mood! These tend to sell out early as bricks-and-mortar retail stores buy up our supplier's inventory, but they were still in stock as of last week, when one customer bought a couple. We offer them in Christmas Stars, Jingle Bells, Christmas Trees, and Christmas Snowflakes, as well as many other styles and colors. They're elasticized for safety. And at only $5.95 each, you can afford several for all of kitty's holiday parties! But act quickly because the closer to Christmas it gets, the scarcer these will become.

Collars may look pretty, but they won't keep a kitty warm. For those hairless breeds, Meow Wear makes this spectacular sweater they call The Cat's Meow! It'll keep out drafts while also looking quite fashionable, all for $19.95:

The Mousin' Around cat sweater ($19.95) has also been very popular with Old Maid Cat Lady's customers this year. And, as you can see, even cats with coats can enjoy the extra warmth:

Kitty going outdoors? Perhaps a lovely jacket like this Meow Wear Quilted Vest ($19.95) would be the perfect wardrobe choice:

Some cats will walk on a harness and leash, so a good harness that fits comfortably would make a wonderful gift for one of these kitties. Harnesses are also good for tethering a cat into a carrier, stroller, or car seat. We carry many harnesses, including the Choke-Free Collars ($14.95) from Leather Brothers. They come in eight metallic colors and five non-metallic colors, as well as croco-texture ($17.95) or faux ostrich ($19.95) texture, and they even have matching leashes available! All are soft, high quality leather with a paw print ornament on each side. They're easy to get on and off your cat. Here's one in blue metallic on a kitten:

This denim harness vest by Doggles is made for dogs, but fits cats just fine! My Golden Boys each have one, and are shown below wearing them in October at the No More Homeless Pets national conference. Gilly's even smiling and Captain's so comfy he's snoozing in his! The detailing on these harness vests is very nice, including a D-ring on the back to which you can attach the leash or tether:
The same company that makes these also makes a very popular Black Biker Harness Vest and Dress, for those tough kitties. All of the harness vests and dresses sell for $11.95 each.

If your cat will be going out in rainy weather, a raincoat may be a welcome wardrobe addition. This Base Jumper Raincoat from Puppia is another item that's made for dogs, but will work okay on cats. A hole on the back allows you to attach a leash to the cat's harness underneath. They sell for $35.95 and have a coated nylon outside and polyester mesh inside for comfort. Available in two sizes and six colors, plus camo:

If you don't think your cat would like the hood, we also offer several of the Avant-Garde harnesses by 26 Bars and a Band ($21.95). They're made from a water-resistant polyester fabric and have a D-ring on back for attaching a leash. Although made for dogs, they have adjustable sides and front, so you can get them to fit your kitty quite nicely. Shown here is the London Calling design, and it's also available in a pink argyle Prep print, houndstooth print Sherlock, brown with Leopard print belt, a Couture Princess pink-and-black print, a cool Death Star print, sophisticated black-and-white Fifth Avenue print, feminine Floral Fling print, a Freebird print for those rockin' kitties, and Green Day print for the eco-minded.

Going boating with your cat? You'll want to keep kitty safe with a life vest from Paws Aboard! Another item that's made for dogs, their sizing chart has them running a little small on cats, so you may want to add an inch or so to your cat's measurements to get the right size. They're available in regular ($24.99) or neoprene ($29.99), shown below. Each has a handle on the back so if kitty falls in the water you can fish him out with a hand or a boat hook. And you'll see from this photo that they're supposed to fit snugly and a little high on the shoulders:
Want to see where your cat goes when he's outdoors, or what he does while you're at work? Simply attach the EYENIMAL pet video cam ($79) to his collar and record up to 2.5 hours of kitty's day! It only weighs 1.2 ounces, so your cat will barely even know it's there!

You'll find many more options in Old Maid Cat Lady's Catwear section, including traditional cat safety collars, jeweled cat collars, and even collar charms like the one shown below. There are two pages filled with great items to put on your cats this Christmas!

Day 4 Gifts for People: Cat Note Cards

There's just nothing like a good old-fashioned handwritten note. One very successful lady I know in the business world suggests sending one each week to one of your old business contacts to touch base and see if they're working on anything at which you could help. It's good to have some blank notes on hand for sending thank-you notes, words of sympathy, or just a how-ya-doin' to a friend. And what better way for a cat lady to send those notes than on a cat-themed note card? So here are some that make great gifts for all the fellow cat ladies (and gents) on your gift list. Some are even pretty enough to frame!

Artist Karen Olsen combines colorful abstract cat designs with sayings in several blank note card designs. Shown above is the Extraordinary Cats design. Also available are the Dancing Cats, Purrfect Cat, and Sit and Be Admired designs. All of her cards are available in packs of 5, 10, or 25, priced from $9.95 to $39.95.

If your taste in art runs more toward the traditional, we offer a lovely assortment of Artful Cat note cards featuring classic paintings of cats by artists including Renoir, Heyer, Marc, and Valadon. Four each of five images make up the box of 20 cards and envelopes that sells for $14.95:

If you're seeking a gift for an aficionado of a particular breed of cat, one of these Cat Crest stationery packs ($10.95) may be just the thing! They come in a set of 10, and are available for Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Birman, Maine Coon, Persian, Scottish Fold, and Siamese. All cards within each pack are the same. Each features artwork of the cat with the breed name and a statement about the breed's nature.

Paper Russell's Grrreen Boxed Notecards come in sets of 6 printed on premium recycled paper, tied with a silk ribbon, and packaged inside a gray box. Available in a Russian Blue (shown here) or Brown Farm Cat for $8.95.

Kate Larsen's quirky cat art is featured on the Box of Cats GreenNotes note cards that feature 8 each of two different images in the box of 16 blank-inside cards for $11.95. They're boxed in corrugated cardboard and tied with a twine tie and gift card, so your wrapping's easy:

You'll find these and many more cat cards in Old Maid Cat Lady's Stationery & Paper Goods section. More gift ideas to come tomorrow!

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Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Ideas, Day 3: Warm Beds & Cat Shirts!

Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Ideas, Day 3: 

Warm Beds and Cat Shirts!

Now that Thanksgiving weekend is drawing to a close, Advent is beginning, and we're into December, it's time to seriously focus on Christmas. Hanukkah continues for a few more nights, as well, but if you're celebrating it, you've probably already bought your gifts for each night. So let's take a look at some gift ideas that are in that wintry holiday mood!

Today, we'll focus on warm beds for cats and cat shirts for people. The former because, well, it's cold outside! And the latter because there are just so many designs and a lot of them take a few weeks because they're made to order.

Day 3 for Cats: Warm Beds

Cats love warm places. This is because their normal body temperature is a few degrees higher than a human's. So if a room feels comfortable enough for us, it's likely a little chilly for our feline companions. When we turn down the thermostat in winter to save a little on heating costs, those kitties can really be chilly, despite their fur coats!

Heated beds are especially good for older cats who may be feeling achy from arthritis. Just like our joints start to get a little more painful as we age, so do our cats'. This is especially true for those poor kitties who have been declawed; as they shift their weight onto the back of their feet to avoid the pain of walking on amputated toes, it causes problems in their shoulder alignment as they get older. So a heated bed can provide welcome relief on these chilly mornings.

Hairless breeds like the Sphinx and the Peterbald can get cold in winter. You may already put a sweater on yours, but a heated bed is another option for keeping them toasty.

Heated beds are also a great way to keep a litter of kittens warm. While spring is traditionally thought of as "kitten season" there are still kittens being born in cold weather. Keeping them warm helps keep them healthy.

K&H's Kitty Sleephouse, shown below, is a great-looking option for a bed that's both heated and covered. It comes in both unheated ($50) and heated ($74) versions. The snazzy leopard print on the top and inside will look great in your home, too!
If you have any outdoor cats, be they ferals or barn cats, a nice warm spot could be very welcome to them. These heated beds use only 20 watts of electricity, too. One customer ordered a couple of the Lectro-Soft Heated Cat Beds ($56 for the small size, or $78 for the medium) for his outdoor cats, then ordered two more the day after he received them for some additional shelters he'd built for them. Here's a photo he sent of four outdoor kitties in the shelters in which he'd already placed the first two:
When he took this photo, it was only 12 degrees outside, but his cats were all cozy and warm in their sturdy shelters. He's obviously a great caretaker because they all look very healthy!

If your cats like getting inside a cat sack, there's a Thermo-Kitty heated version that also has a crinkly sound cats love, like a paper bag! It comes in a relaxing Sage color, uses 4 watts of electricity, has a soft fleece inside with an orthopedic foam base, and sells for $59.95. Your kitty will love snuggling in it!

Try a splash of color with the Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash! It comes in Red, Mocha, or Blue (but the blue won't be back in stock until after Christmas). At $36.95, it's also a great value in an electrically heated bed:

For a heated bed that provides an open or sheltered option, the Thermo-Kitty Hut ($61) lets your cat choose whether to snuggle under the hood or not. It comes in both Mocha and Sage. Both have a comfy fleece lining and are 18 inches across:

Turn any bed into a heated bed with K&H's Microwaveable Bed Warmer ($39)! It provides kitty with up to 12 hours of warmth, and the bed doesn't need to be near an electrical outlet:

But cats don't need electricity to be warm in a bed! With that high body temperature, they can snuggle into a self-warming bed on a chilly night and be plenty toasty if they like the cooler weather. Available in Mocha or Gray, the Kitty Kup is plush and snuggly. The small size is $24 and the large $31:

The Lazy Lounger ($25.95) comes in fashionable Zebra or Leopard prints, and has bolsters on three sides to block cold drafts and help your kitty feel more secure:

For the ultimate in luxury in a self-warming bed, try the Tiger Dreamz Beddy Ball ($74.95)! It comes in three color options (shown here in Ocelot), each of which is the softest faux fur you've ever felt. Your cat won't be able to resist it and will be snoring quickly!

Day 3 for People: Cat Shirts

Our gift suggestion for people today is a fabulous cat shirt! Old Maid Cat Lady has many, many designs to suit all tastes. Here are a few favorites:
You've likely seen these big-face cat shirts from The Mountain, and we have an excellent selection of them. Shown here is the Brown Tabby. There are over two dozen designs available, featuring both house cats and big cats. Available in short-sleeved style in adult sizes Small - 5XL, they start at $18.95 and go up in price starting at the 2XL size. A couple of striking new designs for this season include the Sphynx and Saber-toothed Tiger. Most definitely attention getters! These shirts are all hand-dyed to order, so they take a little longer than some other shirts to arrive once you order.

If you have a devotion to a particular breed, you may find these Cat Breed Shirts of interest. They're available for Abyssinian, Brown Tabby, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Persian, or Siamese, and feature a little of the breed's history in addition to a handsome portrait of a representative kitty. You can get them in a T-shirt ($12.95) or sweatshirt ($19.95), in children's sizes S-L or adult sizes S-XL, and they come on an Ash Gray, White, Blue, Black or Red shirt. Here's the Siamese design:

For some artful holiday design shirts, Karen Olsen's art is available on short-sleeved tees ($17.95), sweatshirts ($25.95), long-sleeved tees ($19.95), and tank tops ($17.95) in white or natural colors, in adult sizes S-XXL. There are six available designs, including the Bow-Wowy, Meowy Christmas one shown here (for those mixed households):

If you've got a cat-loving ballerina on your shopping list, she'll love this shirt with a kitten and a ballet slipper! It's available on a white or ash gray T-shirt ($12.95) or sweatshirt ($19.95), in children's sizes S-L or adult sizes S-XL. We have this and several other cute cat shirts of similar design:

You'll find many other beautiful cat shirts in our Shirts section and we're adding more all the time, so take a look at them all to find just the perfect gift!

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Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Ideas, Day 2: Cat Perches and Calendars

Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Ideas, Day 2:

Cat Perches and Calendars

Yesterday we talked about cat trees and custom original artwork, because those need time to get made for Christmas delivery. Today's products are no different. We're getting them listed early because you need to order them now if you hope to have them in time for Christmas morning.

Oh, and today is Small Business Saturday, when American Express is urging people to shop with their small, local businesses. But just because Old Maid Cat Lady is online doesn't mean that we're a huge company! We're still a tiny business, operated by a genuine old maid cat lady. So we could use a little love today, too.

Day 2 for Cats: Cat Perches & Stairs

We discussed yesterday how much cats love to get up off the floor. And who can blame them? They're living in a houseful of giants, so to get on eye level with you, they need a little elevation. You can give them that with a nice perch, placed up high.

A lot of these items are also custom made to order, like those you see above: the wall-mounted stairs from The Vertical Cat. You can get them in a variety of custom finishes, with 3 to 6 steps on them, and with the elevation going up to the left or the right. Priced from $103 to $213, they'll help your kitties reach their high-up perches without knocking that priceless vase off your shelf. They even have a corner stairs model $137.45 to $162.45) so you can further customize your kitty steps. (All prices shown will be + shipping, so figure a little extra into your budget for that.)

And speaking of those perches, have you "catified" your house yet (to quote Jackson Galaxy)? If not, you need to get right on that! Perches give your cats a way to get up off the floor in an approved spot instead of atop your refrigerator or armoire. You know as well as I do that they're going to get up high one way or another, so it's better to have some approved, safe spots for them to hang out. The Vertical Cat makes a few different wall-mounted cat perches, all carpeted and hand crafted from wood right here in the good ol' U-S-of-A! Priced from $67.95 to $155, you'll find them in Old Maid Cat Lady's Cat Perches and Shelves section. This is a multi-page section of the site, so don't just stop at the first page! Click on one of the blue numbers at the bottom to see additional perches and shelves.

Among the items you'll see there are also some heated perches, which are great for chilly days. The Kitty Sill, shown below, comes in both heated ($52) and unheated ($31) versions. It sits in a sunny window so kitty can get a peek outside from a comfy, warm, microfleecy spot. The Deluxe Kitty Sill ($41) comes with a bolster in leopard or cat print, but does not have an electrically heated version available.

But not all cat perches need to be attached to a wall or windowsill! If you'd rather have a floor-standing model, Mr. Herzher's Craftsman Series, shown below, comes in single or double perches, with or without attached scratchers, in ebony or cherry wood finishes. Scroll down from the link provided here to see them, since the three options are at the bottom of that page of products. This one is the two-level ebony finish with scratcher. It's like a fine piece of furniture in your home! Prices range from $84.99 to $179.99.

Imperial Cat has a wide range of corrugated cardboard scratchers, many of which can double as perches! Cats love the honeycomb surface of a corrugated scratcher, and they apparently find it an attractive place to nap, as well, as exhibited by the kitty below on their Turtle scratcher. Many designs are available, from whimsical to elegant, priced from $15.95 to $144.95. You'll find them throughout the four pages of this section of Old Maid Cat Lady.

Also in this section, you'll also find other floor-standing cat perches, some of which are also cat trees, which we covered yesterday. I'm adding more all the time, as my time allows, so keep checking back to see what's new.

Day 2 for People: 2014 Calendars

For people, another item that's good to order early is 2014 calendars. Old Maid Cat Lady's supplier also supplies most of the bookstores across the USA, so the stores tend to order up most of their inventory by this time of year. By mid-December, there are only a handful of calendar titles left. But as of this week, here are a few fun suggestions for calendars that are still in stock. Order yours quickly if you want to make sure you get it! (Calendar prices do not include shipping; you have several options, priced from $4.50 to $19, available with each one.)

Old Maid Cat Lady sells three main types of cat calendars: wall calendars (which also come in full size and mini sizes), page-a-day desk calendars, and datebooks/planners/engagement calendars. You can shop specific pages for just each type, or go to the complete Cat Calendars section to see them all. There are  Here are some of my favorites that were still available as of this week:

A perennial favorite, the 365 Cats page-a-day calendar ($12.95) has been around for decades...and with good reason! It gives you all the annual winners of their contest, one for each workday of the year, with another for each weekend. 

Or maybe you'd prefer funny to cute for your daily calendar:

Fans of Bucky, the Machiavellian Siamese cat in the Get Fuzzy comic strip will enjoy this daily calendar ($13.95). Each page features a new cartoon with Bucky, Satchel, and Rob.

Hello Kitty is very popular, especially with the young and the young at heart. This year, she has calendars in a regular wall format ($13.95), an engagement calendar ($15.95, in very limited supply) and this bizarre wall calendar that's a mash-up of Hello Kitty and rock band KISS ($13.95). This one has been so popular that it's only available to backorder from the publisher, if they still have any left:

Love the LOLcats? This wall calendar ($13.95) gives you a year's worth of them! There's also a page-a-day version of the Cheezburger calendar priced the same. On the back of each tear-off page of it is a puzzle, riddle, quote, tip, or some other little extra boost for your day!

Or perhaps that person you're shopping for is more of a "NO!" person. For a newer online star, there's always Tard (short for "Tarder Sauce"), AKA the Grumpy Cat, whose calendar is shown below ($12.95). Our supplier still has some of these in stock in their warehouse, but once they're gone, the publisher is out of stock, so there will be no more of Miss Tard's calendar for 2014. Get one early, while they're still there!

B. Kliban's cats are a classic that's still in high demand, and he has calendars in three formats: full-size wall ($13.95), mini wall ($7.95), and engagement ($14.95). They're all getting in very low supply, so order quickly. All are from Pomegranate, which means they're certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as environmentally friendly.

If cats doing downward-facing dog is not too much of a paradox for your gift recipient, she (or he, we're not judging) may enjoy the Yoga Cats wall calendar ($13.95). Dan Borris' photos of cats in yoga-like poses are a hoot!

While you're in that peaceful state of mind, the Zen Cat wall calendar ($13.95) is another option to consider. It features the art and poetry of Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin. One of the earth-friendly calendars from Amber Lotus, it's printed on either FSC-certified or 100% recycled 50% post-consumer paper processed without chlorine, and printed with soy-based inks.

As always, we have lots of breed-specific and coat-pattern-specific calendars for 2014: black cats (or this one), calicos, Maine Coons (alone or with friends), tuxedo cats, Siamese cats, tigers, and far too many kitten ones to link to all of them. There are more cartoon cats, and several art cat calendars. You get the idea - if there's a cat calendar out there, Old Maid Cat Lady has probably got it. And you need to order it now, before it sells out!

More ideas tomorrow as our Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Ideas series continues!

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Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Ideas, Day 1: Cat Trees and Original Artwork

Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Ideas

Day 1: Cat Trees and Original Artwork

Once again, it's time to shop in earnest for Christmas, or whatever other holidays you celebrate at this time of year. And once again, Old Maid Cat Lady is here to help direct you to the best of what we offer for you!

With the shopping season being short due to a late Thanksgiving this year, we're starting a couple of days earlier to give you plenty of time. The items that take the longest tend to be made to order, so let's start with those!

Day 1 For Cats: Cat Trees

Every cat loves a good cat tree. And who wouldn't? You can still get the old-fashioned carpeted kind, if you like, but today's marketplace offers so many more options that look nicer in your living room.

Take, for example, the Kitty Palm, shown above. It has a sisal-wrapped trunk, which you can get in the lighter shade, as shown, or a darker brown color. Its branches are available in the palm, like those shown, or you can get ficus-style branches. They come in a multitude of heights, with varying numbers of platforms covered in tan or dark green. My boys love theirs, and scramble up that trunk like little monkeys! That's my Captain Roughy licking his lips while sitting on the upper platform of it.

You'll find Kitty Palms in Old Maid Cat Lady's Cat Trees section. Prices range from $178 to $278, plus shipping (all prices shown are without shipping). They're custom made when you order them, so it'll take a few weeks to get one. Order yours early.

Also in our Cat Trees section, you'll see some exciting new designs. The Catitude line from Midwest looks like modern art:
...and has a few heights and designs available. Priced from $52.95 to $94.95. Shown above is the "Salvadore" model.

Other cat trees look like fine furniture, like the Alexa from The Vertical Cat ($260), which is designed specifically to fit into a corner:

Or the Cat Power Tower ($399.95), which provides your cats with a veritable playground that includes a hunting maze and twirling feathers, and comes in different finishes to match your d├ęcor:

Don't have much space for a cat tree? Not to worry! If your ceilings are 9 feet, here's one that's only 6.5 inches wide, that stays in place with a spring-mounted top:
A bargain at only $49.95, it comes in blue or beige. Or you may wish to literally hang a spot for your cats to hang out with the Hanging Cat Condo from K&H ($112):

It hangs on the back of any door and gives kitties a safe place to climb and hide. 

And for the real Rolls-Royces of cat trees, you may be interested in the four custom designs from Cages By Design. All made to order, they can take up to five weeks to arrive, so they need to be ordered early. Some are available in a faux fur covering or bare cedar if you need an outdoor version. The Crystal Tower ($149.95 in faux fur or $399.95 in cedar) is a basic cat tree with platforms galore. The Roller Rink ($289.95, in faux fur only) stands over six feet and includes lots of sisal scratching surfaces, hanging tunnels and toys, all topped by a perch. The Purrsian Cat Tree is the next step up at $299.95 (faux fur only). It has elevated condos, hanging toys, and ramps. The Triple Tower ($399.95) is an outdoor version in cedar. Next up is the Tarzan ($322.95 in faux fur or $439.95 in cedar), with platforms, elevated condo, dangling toys and rope, and even a hammock! The Kitty Cabana ($399.95, in faux fur only), shown below, has a ladder, hammock, nest, teepee, condo, and perch...pretty much everything a cat could want, all in one cat tree!

Day 1 for People: Original Artwork

These items also take a little time to be created for you, so it's a good idea to order them early. Have you ever wanted an elegant oil portrait of your cat? Of course you have! It could be as easy as uploading your favorite photo and waiting a few weeks to receive your custom oil portrait! Below is the one I had made of my beloved little Vixen. Each portrait arrives rolled up in a tube so you can have it framed however you like. They're available in four sizes and priced from $79.95 to $119.95, including shipping!

How about a clock featuring the likeness of your adorable kitty? The Clock Lady's custom kaleidoscopic cat clocks can do just that! They're available in two sizes, and priced from $130 to $165.
If you've lost a special cat this year, artist Linda Huffman can take a bit of kitty's cremains and/or hair and make it into a beautiful dichroic glass Memory Pendant! This way, you'll always have a part of your beloved cat close to you. A variety of styles are available, priced from $91.95 to $194.95, all set in .925 Argentium® sterling silver. The one shown below is an example of one. Don't want jewelry? There's also a "worry stone" and an ornament available.
But while we're speaking of jewelry, artist Kay Fazio does beautiful pieces representing numerous cat breeds in sterling silver and 14 kt gold, many set with gemstones. Pendants, charms earrings, a few rings...and there are even rings for men! Bengals, Savannahs, Pixie-Bobs, and plenty more breeds are represented, and she's known for her incredible attention to detail on them. They're all custom made to order, as well, so get your orders for them in early. Prices range from $49 to $1,499. They are certain to please! Shown below is Fazio's stunning Savannah cat pendant in 14 kt gold with black diamonds...yes, it's that one priced at the top of the range (of course), and it's about 2 inches tall.

So, there you have it: a wide array of items to please both cats and people, and things that need to be ordered early if you want them before Christmas. What are you waiting for? It's Black Friday and time's a wastin'! Still not sure? There'll be another post here tomorrow with even more ideas for you on Day 2 of our 12 Days of Christmas Shopping Ideas for Cats and Cat Lovers.