Friday, October 18, 2019

Our Retail Site is Shut Down

Old Maid Cat Lady is Shut Down

In case you missed my earlier post on Facebook, I've temporarily shut down the Old Maid Cat Lady retail site. It may resurface again later, likely looking a bit different, but for now it's not available.

For this, you can thank the thieves who placed a large order on the site in June with a stolen credit card. I fulfilled the order in good faith, only to be charged back for it later, putting me into a financial hole out of which I'm still digging.

In order to devote sufficient time to promoting my book released this year, The Feline CEO, and the training I'm building around it, I cannot continue operating the retail site at this time.

Thank you for supporting Old Maid Cat Lady over the past decade. You are the reason I started the site, and the reason I kept it going for longer than was profitable for me. My belief in its mission of helping people to live more harmoniously with their feline companions remains steadfast.

Until we meet again!

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